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Krohviprits DP-N2

This DP-N2 Cement mortar sprayer is a multifunction spraying machine, and mainly used to spray interior and exterior building wall, spraying cement slurry, cement mortar etc. The machine consists of portable units, permitting easy to operate and take maintenance and easy to use in any circumstance.


1. Control box: the core of the machine, to drive the motor, and air pump.

2. 4 KW motor&retarder: to drives the twister for material transportation.

3. 2.2KW Twin-piston air compressor with aluminum housing: offer enough air pressure, also the air for the atomization

of spray gun.

4. 50L material hopper: for material storage

5. Spinning form twister&D63 Screw Pump: the material will be transport to the outlet by the screw pump after the quick and even

mixing by twister.

6. 33.5cm lead screw: fix the screw pump for easy working.

7. Mortar pipe connector; very easy to connect with the machine.

8. Cart with four wheels; with high load bearing, resist pressure,solid drag link, multidirectional wheels, easy transportation.

9. Lamp: it will be available to work during the nights

10. Quick snap: easy to fix the material hopper and the cart.

* Tank capacity: 50L

* Working pressure: 30bar

* Compressor: 2.2kw 350L/min

* Voltage: 380v

* Motor for this cement sprayer equipment: 4kw

* Delivery capacity: 3 – 20 liters / min

* Delivering Height: 1-30m

* Delivering Distance:1-50m

* Nozzle size: 6,8,10,12mm

* Max.hose length:50m

* Groww weight: 230kgs

* Net weight: 160kgs